Due to recent changes in ITC Table of GSTR 3B, additional details to be checked for the purpose of GSTR 3B –

1.    Details of Ineligible Credit – Ineligible ITC is now required to reversed from the gross ITC availed in GSTR 3B and therefore, the complete details of Ineligible ITC is required to be reported in GST return. Such Ineligible ITC should include the following details:
·      ITC not allowed as per section 17(5) of CGST Act
·      ITC not allowed on account of POS rules
·      ITC pertaining to the invoices which are pending for payment for more than 180 days to be counted from the date of invoice
2.    Details of ITC which was claimed inadvertently in the previous periods – It may include the following:
·      Ineligible ITC wrongly claimed earlier
·      ITC claimed twice and to be reversed now
·      ITC to be reversed due to other reasons

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