Form 10BD, return of donation – Income Tax update for Trusts

Dear Trustees,

Re: New Provision of Income Tax to be followed by you.
As informed donation received by you to be filled in the form, you should electronically upload & sign no 10BD and should be uploaded before 15th May 2022 and every year.

The following details are to be filled up:

1. Name of the donor.
2. Address of donor.
3. Nature of donation.
4. Mode of receipt.
5. Amount of donation.
6. Section code under which donation was received.
7. PAN no. /Aadhar no./Tax Identification no. of the donor.

After uploading Form 10BD, Form 10BE is to be downloaded and this Certificate of Donation is to be issued to the Donor before 31st May of every year and contains the following details.

1) Name of Charitable Organization.
2) PAN
3) Aadhar
4) Approval number u/s 80G

There is a heavy penalty for not filling the form, Rs. 200 per day for Delay in uploading FORM 10BD. The Assessing Officer may also impose a penalty of a minimum of Rs. 10,000 to a maximum of Rs. 1 Lakh.

Department has made live form 10BD, return of donation. 31st May is the last date. Reporting template, instruction, and notification are there for quick reference.
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